In 1990 a small group of four citizens decided to recreate the colour and pageantry of the 1860s and the Brockville Infantry Company (1862) was formed. With a passion for detail and authenticity, these men researched the history of the Company and set out to relive the past. Exact copies of the bright red British tunics were manufactured by a military tailor in Toronto. Custom leatherwork was handcrafted locally and working replicas of 1853 Enfield black powder muzzle-loading rifled muskets were imported from the U.S.

Today over thirty re-enactors make up the group. They are composed of enthusiasts from all walks of life. They dress in identical British bright red tunics, carry and fire fully functional replicas of the original Enfield rifles with bayonets, and perform the same precision drill manoeuvres that their counterparts did over 150 years ago. In order to present this polished image of precision, the re-enactors, practice these drills on a regular basis throughout the year. Training in black powder handling, cleaning and maintenance of the rifles, live firing, and target practice is conducted outside every spring. When the warmer weather arrives the group is ready to hit the streets and participates in many local events, parades and re-enactments and encampments. The Company has performed to crowds in many high profile special events from London to Toronto to Ottawa to Montreal and to Alexandria Bay New York.

We will consider all requests for appearances. Please contact us at our address.

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