Brockville Infantry Company

The Brockville Infantry Company (1862) group of historical re-enactors, first hit the street in 1990. It was the idea of four local citizens with a desire to re-create the colour and pageantry of Upper Canada in the 1860's. Their attention to detail created exact replicas of the red British tunics, custom handcrafted leatherwork, and working replicas of 1853 Enfield black powder muzzle-loading rifled muskets that are used in their re-enactments.

The Brockville Infantry Company (1862) has participated in special events in London, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal, Charlottetown PEI, and Alexandria Bay, New York.

The Company is available to participate in your events too.  Please contact us at or:

Brockville Infantry Company (1862)
163 Ormond St. Suite 103
Brockville ON  K6V 7E6

Marching during 2010 Christmas Parade
  • 5,Fort Henry 2007, Volley 2, G White copy
  • 6,FH 2009, Presenting Keys, 2, crop X D Savage copy
  • 7,Firing in Fort Erie, 1 copy
  • 8,Muzzle Flash, Manotick, 090731 copy
  • 11,FH 2011, Staff Sjt Mike copy
  • 1,Day One, July 22, 1990, # 1 copy
  • 2,Day One, July 22, 1990, # 2 copy
  • 3,PEI 1999, Parade copy
  • 4,Fort Henry 2007, 2 ranks plus, 2, G White copy